“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”


Coco Chanel


Looking good is a science. Having style is an art. I combine both to help my clients reach their highest potential.


I am a certified image stylist based in New York City offering image consulting and personal styling services to both men and women.

I value authenticity, intention, vulnerability and the freedom to express oneself fully.

My mission is to help people become the very best version of themselves through an honest, joyful process.


Scope of Services:

Closet Edit
Wardrobe Audit
Outfit Building
Capsule Wardrobing
Personal Styling
Professional Shopping
Image Consulting
Color & Body Analysis
Red Carpet Styling
Fashion Design
Photo Shoot Styling
Personal Branding

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About Me

I’ve been a visual storyteller for over 25 years — first as a corporate brander, then as a fashion designer. These careers ran parallel for many years until my discovery of Image Consulting — the science of looking good. I saw that, when put into practice, it creates the most powerful, authentic personal brands imaginable. Voilà — the intersection of branding and fashion design that I never saw coming.

When we enhance our personal attributes and minimize our physical weaknesses, something incredible happens inside — we gain clarity, become aligned and feel in perfect harmony with ourselves. Branders call this authenticity. Fashion folks call it fabulous. I call it image styling.

This is what excites me most — leveraging my branding chops, fashion design savvy and image styling tools to brand people’s true selves and personal power. Through wardrobe I create irresistibly authentic, impossibly fabulous personal brands so my clients reach their highest potential. Think of me as a personal stylist, but next level.


Fashion Institute of Technology
Image Consulting Certificate
June 2019 — New York City

Image Resource Center of New York
Color Intensive Training Certificate
January 2019 — New York City

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